• The NHS STP (Sustainability & Transformation Plan) for Mid & South Essex (Success Regime Essex – SRE) is currently under review by our Councils.
  • Current plans by the NHS would lead to Southend Hospital losing its full 24 hour Blue Light Accident and Emergency service.
  • The favoured option by Success Regime Essex is that no 999 ambulances would be taken at Southend and would have to go to Basildon instead.

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Tonight (22.06.17) supporters and committee members from the campaign attended the extra ordinary council meeting at Rochford District Council where the team from Essex Success Regime presented their proposals to Councillors and the public. They were joined by Dr....

Mike Fieldhouse report on Westborough Community Association meeting.

I'd like to thank Julie Farrow for organising the meeting of the Westborough Community Association last night at which representatives from Mid & South Essex Success Regime (SRE) spoke to local residents regarding the plans concerning our local NHS services and...

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A myth explained a day to keep the Southend A&E downgrade away.

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MYTH 1 - Patients will get better treatment and outcomes at a 'super centre A&E'

There is scientific evidence that the increase in journey time for ambulance patients to an A&E further away, causes more deaths. There are very small groups of patients with specific diagnoses that do better in a specialist centre – HOWEVER, the pathways for these patients are ALREADY IN PLACE to go to the specialist centre. In summary outcomes will be worse.

MYTH 2 - Basildon will become a Specialist Trauma Centre

There are NO plans in place for this to happen. This has been mis-labelled in numerous documents and MP/Councillor responses. A number of medical specialties such as neurosurgery are NOT provided in the region and NOTHING will change under the Success Regime Essex plans. All major trauma patients will continue to be transferred to regional trauma centres – NOT Basildon.

MYTH 3 - There will be a full 24/7 A&E staffed by A&E consultants on each site

Any A&E NOT accepting emergency ambulances as per the Success Regime Essex options proposals is NOT an A&E and this is political spin to continue to call it an A&E. By definition this is a WALK IN CENTRE. A&E Consultants and Nurses will NOT want to work there and it would NOT be able to employ senior and training doctors. History has shown stopping ambulances going to an A&E inevitably leads to it closing some years later

MYTH 4 - A specialist emergency centre such as Basildon will attract staff - this is what Success Regime Essex have been requesting staff to promote.

Basildon will not be a specialist centre-it will just be bigger and busier (possibly the busiest A&E in the whole country according to some of the figures). With NO specialist trauma admissions, this is NOT attractive to A&E doctors and nurses – in actual fact it is likely to deter them from working there. Local hospital A&E’s are busy enough as it is.

MYTH 5 - Rationalising A&E services to mostly one site, allows elective work i.e. planned operations to be carried out on time reducing waiting times and cancellations. Southend is set to be the elective centre.

Waiting lists and cancellations are nothing to do with HOW A&E functions. They occur due to the overwhelming number of emergency in-patients- mostly elderly frail patients needing in-patient treatment. These proposals do nothing to address this issue and no single hospital site is large enough to cope with ALL of these patients. Until there is effective and well run social care, intensive admission avoidance and enough care packages and nursing home placements for speedy discharge, operations will STILL be cancelled and waiting lists remain.

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